Membership does matter at First Baptist Church,

and we want to provide information about what that involves to our newer members, to our guests, and to those who are simply “checking us out.”

We offer an on-going orientation to what membership at First Baptist is all about.

What We Cover:

  • Our Salvation – what it means to be a follower of Christ

    • how to become a member of First Baptist

    • the meaning of baptism

    • the meaning of the Lord’s Supper

  • Our Statements – what we hold in common

    • our vision and mission statements

    • how we do worship

    • why we encourage small groups

    • how to get involved in serving

    • our basic doctrinal beliefs

  • Our Structure – how we operate as a church

    • the church as fellowship, family, body, and flock

    • how we function – staff, deacons, committees, teams

    • our 4C discipleship process

  • Our Strategy – how we accomplish our mission

    • circles of commitment

    • our affiliations – why and how we cooperate with other groups

    • membership expectations

We encourage new members and those checking us out to attend the class at your convenience. There’s no better way to get acquainted with First Baptist, to meet other newbies, and to begin to feel a part of our family than our Membership Matters class!

For more information, contact Donna at 502-538-7361 or