small groups offered at

9:35AM and 11AM. 


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Study schedule by hour.

Sunday Morning Bible Study...

  • Addresses real life issues

  • Teaches the Bible as the practical Word of God

  • Gives Biblical guidance

  • Helps you develop fellowship with others

  • Focuses on life change for the glory of God

Why Should I attend?

True learning requires involvement, interaction, and application. Real growth towards spiritual maturity can only come through community with others. Bible study offers involvement with God's Word, interaction with others, and application to life's daily challenges. 

What Do You Study?

Classes are involved in direct Bible study – taking a portion of God's Word and discovering its truth, meaning, and application to our own lives. 

I Don't Know Anything About the Bible...

You don't have to! You don't have to read anything, find anything, or quote anything if you don't feel comfortable doing so. You can just listen and learn. 

Can I Ask Questions?

Absolutely! Some classes are more lecture-oriented, some are more discussion-oriented, but all of our Bible study leaders will encourage your input and participation. 

How Do I Find a Class?

Just come to our Welcome Center on Sunday morning and someone will help you find an appropriate class and will escort you to the room as well! You can also visit our Groups page for information on specific Bible study groups, or visit Where to Serve and Grow to send us your information and let us help connect you with a group would be great for you!