At first baptist church

We Believe in Community. 

Participating in a community is one of the best ways to encourage spiritual growth. We have a rich and diverse Sunday School program, as well as small groups that meet throughout the week and focus on discipleship. Let us help you connect and grow as a welcomed part of our community. 


at first baptist church

We Believe in Missions

God has called us in His Word to go and make disciples. We are taking that call to regions
near and far as God sends us. Click on the images below to see photographs, testimonies, 
and a detailed report from each of our active mission destinations. 




eastern kentucky

brooklyn, ny




How to Find Us


Our historic church is located in the center of old Mount Washington, just blocks away from the bypass. Just look for the tall white steeple! There is plenty of parking on the north and south sides of our building. Feel free to enter through the historic doors on Main Street, through the Christian Life Center, or under the awning at our Welcome Center. If you have children and need to register them into childcare, head to the Welcome Center and a receptionist will walk you through our process!